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Dr. Liram Koblentz-Stenzler a scholar and practitioner with a wealth of experience in the field of counterterrorism, Antisemitism and Global far-right Extremism. She is a visiting lecturer at Yale University, USA and a senior researcher and head of the Global Far Right Desk at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT), Reichman University, Israel. 

With her extensive knowledge and experience, she is uniquely positioned to advise security bodies, organizations, and communities around the world to understand the language and action patterns of extremist right-wing groups in real time, in order to prevent acts of terrorism, incitement and antisemitism.

She holds a Ph.D. from Tel-Aviv University, Political Science Department. Her research deals with democratic states facing terror and guerilla activities. The research provided operative instrument that defines realistic requirements to help the democratic state maintain its military effectiveness while increasing the legitimacy of its actions in the eyes of the international community both during and after combat.

Dr. Koblentz-Stenzler was awarded a prize for her unique research in the field of terrorism, on behalf of Inbar Fund and the Intelligence Heritage Canter.

During her doctorate she was awarded the Fox International Fellowship, on behalf of Yale University USA, the MacMilan Center for International and Area studies. Later she was also held a visiting Assistant in Research position at the Sociology Department at Yale.

Dr. Koblentz-Stenzler has co-authored a book with Prof. Boaz Ganor, "Israel's Targeted Killing Policy: Moral, Ethical & Operational Dilemmas," which was released in the USA in December 2022.

In addition to her academic work, Dr. Koblentz-Stenzler is an active member of the Deborah Forum: Women in Foreign Policy and National Security,  and serves as the Israeli representative in the Security and Peace Task Force on behalf of the NATO-affiliated ATA organization. 

Areas of expertise:

  • Military ethics

  • Counter Terrorism

  • Global right-wing extremism

  • Antisemitism

  • Targeted Killings

  • Radicalization processes

Recently published

Locked and Loaded: American Far-Right’s Growing Interest in Homemade Firearms


Israel's Targeted Killing Policy: Moral, Ethical & Operational Dilemmas


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